Increase Value and Professional Standing with a Book

When it comes to establishing and maintaining your brand, you should ask yourself two questions: how can I demonstrate tangible value and how can I increase my professional standing? Both of those questions can be answered with a short, simple response; write a book. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a very good writer, there are ways to get around that and still increase value and professional standing with potential clients and potential employers.

books boost your brand increase value

Promoting Your Brand

The bottom line, when it comes to your personal success or the success of your company needs sales. In a business where you offer a product or service in exchange for money, that’s an obvious conclusion. If you consider yourself as a commodity, and you should, then you understand that selling yourself is as important as promoting any brand. In reality, even when you are selling a product or service, the majority of your clients will respond to you as much, if not more, than they will respond to the value they see in the product.

At its most basic level, sales is about establishing enough value in a product or service to get another person to let go of their hard earned money in exchange for that valuable item. Your client must be convinced that the value of the item you have exceeds their desire to hold onto their money or spend that money somewhere else. That same principle applies to you as a potential employee, business, or brand as much as it does to a product or service.

Establishing and Increase Value

There are several ways to establish and increase value. All of them have to do with revealing who you are, what you know, and what skills you possess. Speaking at industry conferences, sitting on relevant topic panels, contributing to online forums, and networking at events are all means to increase value, but they require a great commitment to continuous activity. You can leverage all of those efforts into one place by writing a book.

Kelly Richards, in an article for Inc, says, “writing a book is a great way to establish yourself as a credible industry expert. You can create a brand platform for yourself, increase your market value, differentiate yourself from competitors, and discover new ways to grow your authority in your field.”

Let’s face it, anyone can tell you that they are an expert, but to show you that they are an expert requires something far more valuable. A term used often in courts of law is preponderance of evidence. Preponderance of evidence means that the weight of the evidence is so great that there is no longer any doubt. That should be your goal when you establish your value. Writing a book can help you present that sort of evidence.

Enhancing Your Professional Standing

Your professional standing depends upon your ability to demonstrate your particular expertise in an appealing and intelligent manner. Potential clients and employers want to know for certain that they are investing in the very best product, service or person. To do that, you have to expose yourself to others and allow them to see the depth of your understanding.

Listed in an article in Entrepreneur entitled 5 Steps to Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert, Jacqueline Whitmore lists writing about your area of expertise as one of the five ways to establish yourself as an industry expert. She mentions that “editors are always looking for interesting and informative content, so step forward and offer your expertise.” Though writing articles, as she suggests, will help, to really make an impression, you need a book. Writing a book puts you on a whole different level of professional.

Telling your story through a book will, enhance your professional standing and increase value, but additional benefits can be won through the process of writing a book.

The Process of Writing a Book Boosts Your Expertise

Writing a book is an exercise that requires you to hone in on who you are and what you have to offer. Writing a book requires:

  1. Soul searching and brain storming.
  2. Organizing and classifying who you are and what you know.
  3. Sharpening your understanding of the subject matter.
  4. Studying and citing other experts.
  5. Targeting the thoughts and emotions of your readers in a way that draw them to you.

The first four items on this list can be accomplished by any true expert in a particular field, but the fifth is the one which usually stops most people from writing a book. That really shouldn’t stop you from writing a book, because solutions exist for overcoming that issue; a ghostwriter.

Utilizing a Ghostwriter to Increase Value

The negative connotation connected to utilizing a ghostwriter to write your book or help you write your book makes little sense. It’s a ridiculous notion, because ghostwriters just combine all of the work you put into the first four steps of writing your book, and transform it into an appealing format.

In a blog post on the Storyteller and Freelance Writer website, the author makes a compelling point:

“Do you have time to do your taxes? Many people don’t, so what do they do? They hire an accountant to do their taxes. The accountant takes all of the receipts and documents that are given to him or her and does what he or she does best, freeing up their clients to do what they need to do instead of laboring over doing their taxes.” – Is Ghostwriting Ethical? Dispelling Your Misunderstandings

In doing what they do best, accountants increase value to your company through their expertise. In reality, most accounting firms do a lot more of the work of preparing your taxes than a ghostwriter does in writing your book. The majority of business books, biographies, memoirs and non-fiction titles are, in one form or another, written, and/or altered into an appealing format by someone other than the author.


Having your story told in an appealing manner which compels those who read it to come to you or your brand as valuable and established experts makes a lot of sense. With a book, you organize your expertise as a point of reference which demonstrates that you are an expert. Adding that tangible value to yourself or your brand will increase your professional standing. Don’t allow lack of time or expertise keep you from telling your story. Do whatever it takes to increase your value by telling your story, including the use of a ghostwriter. If you need help getting your story told, “let me tell your story.”

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